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Summary: Do you want to import iPhone 6S Plus 4K recordings to Premiere Pro for editing? If you are used to use Premiere Pro and now have problem with editing iPhone 6S Plus videos in it, please take some time to read this article, you may get some tips to fix the problem.

Amazing! iPhone 6S Plus brings the 4K Recording feature which offers higher quality of image. However, when you were trying to edit iPhone 6S Plus 4K videos in Premiere Pro on Mac, you may find these 4K videos get stuck in Premiere Pro in some cases. This caused you couldn’t edit iPhone 6S Plus 4K videos in Premiere Pro with a smooth process.

The most common reason why iPhone 6S Plus 4K videos get stuck in Premiere Pro is the Bit Rate of the 4K videos is very large. If the speed of the hard disk of your Mac is not high enough, then the “stuck” problem will happen to iPhone 6S Plus 4k videos. My suggestion is upgrading the hard disk. If you don’t want to spend more money on that, there is another way for you.

Downgrading iPhone 6S Plus 4K videos to 1080p will be a good choice for you. Here I recommend an App for you -Pavtube 4K Video Converter for Mac. This App is able to downgrade all kinds of 4K videos to 1080p or 720p. In then meantime, it supports convert iPhone 6S Plus 4K videos to Mpeg-2 format which is the most suitable format for Premiere Pro. And if you need to polish the 4K videos in After Effects CC, the App also can do it. Actually, there are many more preset output profile prepared for you, like DNxHD for Avid MC, H.264 MP4 for PS 4, etc. It’s an all-in-one App.


How to Edit iPhone 6S Plus Christmas 4K Recordings in Premiere Pro

Step 1. Load 4K videos.

First launch the App, drag and drop your iPhone 6S Plus 4K videos to the App quickly, or you can do like the picture below.

Step 2. Choose the preset output format.

Then click on the format bar and follow "Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas" to select "MPEG-2 (*.mpg)" as the proper choice.

Step 3. Resize Resolution.

Press "Settings" to open “Profile Settings” window. Resize the resolution of your iPhone 6S Plus 4K videos by changing “Size(pix)” option to “1920 x 1080”.

Step 4. Start the conversion.

At last, click the big "Convert" button in the main UI to start downgrading iPhone 6S Plus 4K videos to 1080p. Once the downgrading process is finished, you can edit iPhone 6S Plus Christmas 4K recordings in Premiere Pro smoothly. Enjoy!

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